The "Bored" Housewives

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The "Bored" Housewives

Post by outcastsuperstar » Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:14 am

Here is a great piece written by tiredofit from the Don't Get Married Board

Most of the gentlemen here are older (I'm in my twenties) and commonly heard is the skanks that are American women. But there is another wing to it.

When young girls do not go the skank or career girl route, they go the housewife manipulation route. Sounds what you want, right? Wrong. Let me tell you a story of a class in my job.

A woman I got to know revealed she was a housewife. She proudly admitted that she "served her husband hand and foot" before marriage but now it is he who serves her (she said this with a giggle). She got so bored being at home that she would spend all her time shopping (she has two kids btw). Apparently, it got out of control where she had a $10,000 credit card debt and had to work. But her husband eventually wanted her to change jobs because he suspected a guy coming on to her (hmm) so had her quit that job and come to mine. Everyday, she blames "husband" for something. "I didn't get to sleep today because he came home from work at 1 AM!" (sometimes he has to work late. So awful!). She eats all this fat food, and I watched amazed. I remarked, "Isn't that fattening?" She laughed and said, "Once you get married, you will be able to eat whatever you want. I would rather be fat and happy than skinny and sad." She also has a piercing in her lip.

Amazed at having such a living example before me, I asked more questions. I would ask, "Why do you bother with all the make-up, lotion, and all if you said it doesn't matter if you get fat?" This startled her, haha. She began to realize that I was seeing through the lace curtain so she began saying how she wore the make-up for husband (hahahaha).

It also came out that she sped around in her car (getting tickets) so husband had to take it away and gave her an old station wagon (which she still speeds around in). Amazed at the husband having any say, I asked, "But what about you being the strong independent woman?" She said that he was paying for the car and all so it was his say. She didn't sound too happy when she said that.

Moral of the story?


Another young man came in who looked forty or fifty. His body was squashed in such a shape that resembled something like Humpty Dumpty. In the middle of a class, he openly volunteered (with no one prompting him) that stay at home moms get bored very easily. So he had his wife start a business (which he had to step in and do himself). "And then once you have kids..." the look on his worn face, heavy with the weight of bitterness carving what would be a puffy shape-less face said more than anything.


When a teacher asked what was the news of the world, what do you think the women answered? Did they mention the housing market collapse or the war on terrorism or even the declining dollar? Noooooo! They all chanted, in an odd self-righteous tone, about the sexual predators reported on the news for that day. They spoke of it in an excited tone.


A white man married a hispanic american and had two babies. However, one of the babies held no traces of his whiteness. It was a dark baby. "At parties, everyone looks at the dark kid and ask, 'Whose kid is that?'" "Does he know he is not the father?" "He has to know by now." "Too bad he can't divorce. The child support would kill him..."


I actually like the whores more than the housewives. The whores at least give out (bad) sex and brand themselves with tattoos. But the housewives are far more devious. They manipulate everything including religion to get what they want (retirement as husband turns into wage slave).

The whore manipulates only man's carnal and animal nature. But the housewife will use a man's virtue to enslave him. In the household, symbols of Christ decorate the walls so he thinks he is in a 'godly' relationship.

But did these housewives speak up against divorce law? No.

Did these housewives speak up against corrupt family courts? No.

Did these housewives speak up against IMBRA? No.

Did these housewives speak up against Misandry? No. In fact, misandry in the sit-coms revolves around the housewife. The sit coms show the housewife the "mover" of the household while husband is always the dunce who must be 'educated' by the housewife.

The only difference I see with the housewife and the whores of the young generation is that while both are using the same strategy of feminism (enslaving the men), the housewife is simply a different tactic. She is more clever and subtle. She is also far more lazy than her feminist sisters (which may explain why all the accusations of 'laziness' of husbands are her projections). Housewives also desire children more than anything.

One thing many young men do not understand is that women CHANGE. They change after marriage and they change after having children. When men date, they try to find a woman that they they think is compatible. When the woman changes (and she will change), the man will become distressed. He didn't marry that woman!

Women date very differently. She looks at man and sees a sum of raw materials. The wealthier, the better. The younger, the longer he can be exploited. She HOPES her man will change. But change into what? Why, she plans to guide the change, shaping and molding it. In fact, she has been planning this since she was a young girl. She believes she is entitled to change her husband.

The problem is not that there are no longer any "good" women around any longer, it is that the definition of "good" today means: woman in control, man dutifully submits. "Housewives" no longer even care what religion their man is for she will raise the children under her religion and that is that.

For we know the only true religion to her is that SHE is to be worshiped by him.

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