Another Whore Story

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Another Whore Story

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:21 pm

Here is a short story written by one of the members on the Don't Get Married Board.

Before you get married, if the feeling is mutual, love and sex is a great feeling. She's young and sweet, flirting and laughing and giggling, and I certainly was nowhere near as cynical as I am today, having gone through my divorce. There's always mutual touching and dreaming and making plans about the future. That was my ex-wife and me 25 years ago. Naturally it's easy for a young guy to fantasize about his girlfriend, and think about her all the time.

After marriage, the job becomes serious, because you're supporting a family, a house is alway a lot of work, the renovation projects, and the bills, and the kids, your wife will be saying no to sex at least 9 out of 10 times. So you'll get tired of asking. You might still hug each other goodbye in the morning when you leave for work, and at night when you return, and you'll start to assume that this is normal, because life is busy.

The problem is that as a man you still have desire, but your image of the wife is always saying NO, of not being interested, and it will effect any man. You can no longer even fantasize about your wife. When you think of her, she is no longer sexy and inviting. She is nagging and demanding and complaining. Zero images of sex there.

Just imagine her finally giving into having sex one night, but as your about to start, she says "ok, but hurry up, and don't make too much noise, or you'll wake the kids"

yep, big turn-on she is, right?

or how about this one. Other guys have told me this happened to them too. How many times when you trying to have your once a month (or two, because that's all your getting after a few years of marriage) and SHE WON"T SHUT UP. I mean rubbing and trying to heat things up, and she's oblivious to the fact that she's supposed to be having sex. But instead shes yapping about her day, her friends, her shopping trip, the bills, where she wants to go for your next vacation, how the kids are doing in school, blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!

You're both naked and you're thinking T*TS & *SS and she's having a quality time adult conversation just because the kids finally went to bed. And like a trap, say the wrong answer, and an argument starts, and next thing you know, your once a month doesn't happen at all.

not much of a turn-on here either. After a few years of this nonsense, you won't fantasize or desire her too much anymore. Inside your head she will become a non-sexual being.

Then you'll go find other things to do at night. I have a workshop in the basement, and used to grab a cold beer and go do some late night woodworking. It was much more enjoyable.

Of course in the end, when you get divorced, be ready to take the blame. Because she'll twist it around and say she was neglected, and not satisfied, and her husband was cold and unloving, and didn't romance and seduce her.

For what I paid, and am still paying, I coul've been flying to Columbia or Panama with my buddy 6 times a year all this time, and still had most of what I lost in the divorce still in the bank. And retirement would have been in sight.

Now my retirement has been postponed 5-10 years. Married sex is not worth sh*t, yet costs a damn fortune!

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Re: Another Whore Story

Post by freeman » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:17 pm

Relationships are temporary. They're not meant to last until "death do you part". That's why marriage often fails-- it's a man-made institution that's completely misaligned with Mother Nature's intentions, which is to produce healthy offspring from a varied gene pool. Marriage, instead, attempts to bond 2 people together for much longer than is useful for this purpose.

"Falling in love" is nothing more than going into heat with another person. The purpose of going into heat is to create a bond with each other that serves as a foundation for the raising of children. Most relationships are in heat anywhere from 2-6 years, which roughly corresponds to the time it takes for a woman to give birth and raise a child until he can walk and/or feed himself.
After this has been achieved, there is no biological reason for men and women to stick together. The reason they stuck together to begin with was all about business. Once that business is done, the man "cheats" with another woman, or the woman ass-launches the man out of her life (as evidenced by women filing for most divorces in the U.S.).

There are 2 principal reasons why the marriages and relationships of previous generations lasted a lifetime:

(1) Divorce/separation was highly stigmatized by society. Shame and guilt forced people to stay together and endure a lifetime of unhappiness and quiet desperation.

(2) The legal system--unlike today--was not an enabler of divorce. In fact, the entire fabric of society was based on the family unit. Laws were enacted to protect and preserve this building block of society. Therefore, getting divorced wasn't as easy as it is today.

There you have it.
I think a lot of misery can be avoided if men simply concede that we are just tools of nature. Relationships are not meant to make us happy or last a lifetime. It's not about us. It's about children. That's why I think the person who posted this sad story would have been much better off taking those trips to Panama and Colombia instead of marrying. It would have been a far better investment.

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Re: Another Whore Story

Post by thekingsfool » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:58 pm

I'm so glad I'm not married.

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Re: Another Whore Story

Post by Steven D. Timm » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:08 pm

+1000 Outcast Superstar!!!

What you wrote is a carbon copy of what my dad went through with my mother!! I have also noticed that with several of my married friends. I praise Jesus Christ for me not being married!! 1 Cor. Ch. 7 has always been my go to in the Bible when other people start saying I should be married or have kids. The Apostle Paul was a MGTOW and Jesus was a MGTOW too!!!

In today's society, marriage is a HUGE gamble that is not worth taking, in my opinion. Everything seems rosy, sunny and positive when you are young and "in love", but what a young man needs to do in today's world is to take a biiiiiig step back and consider the ramifications if things go south. 50% of marriages end in divorce with 70 to 80% of divorce filings initiated by the woman. In family court, a man has very little to no legal recourse. Of course in America some states are better than others, but that is not saying much. A young man needs to consider if he is willing to put his finances, health (mental and physical), time, energy and sanity on the line given the circumstances of the times.

For me, it is not worth it. That is the reason I am single. But, that is a decision we all have to independently make!! Some will alwyays have to learn the hard way though. I prefer to learn through the mistakes of others so I don't have to repeat that same mistake!!

Take care all and catch you on the fourums!!!

Steve Timm

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