Sorry to shatter your illusions......

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Re: Sorry to shatter your illusions......

Post by sjenner » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:44 pm

Well said indeed and no real need for a woman at this point in my life.

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Re: Sorry to shatter your illusions......

Post by downforit2013 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:03 pm

I can't believe this thread has gone on for over five years and still going strong!

I don't really post too often in the public forums, but I want to say my piece, considering how many posts in this thread have been a major thing for me to reflect on, and even half a decade after they were posted, the truth remains in them, and the stories about women are just as bad in 2015 as they were in 2010.

If not...even worse.

All that stuff Christopher said about the LDS church. Yes, it's amazing to know how right he is. It's sad how he doesn't seem to be on this forum anymore, but he is TRULY a MGTOW, and can choose to come and go as he pleases because that's his life and he can make his own decisions.

I am a semi-active LDS member living in Provo, Utah. I have no interest in attending church any longer than the first 1 hour and 15 minutes of it which is called our "sacrament meeting." I am 29 and proudly single, and I attend a family ward where everyone my age is married and has at least 3 kids by now. I have no interest in attending the multiple Sunday School classes that preach about marriage and family. Being LDS, I am a deep follower of Jesus Christ, and would like to know more about HIM, not some dull 45-minute lesson on how we can learn how to keep our marriages and families strong when this doesn't happen to apply to me. I'm more interested in going home to finish up another movie I'm watching and making some tuna fish sandwiches to eat while I relax in front of the TV. The same after-church activities can't be said for any other man in my ward.

In 2015, it is virtually impossible to recognize the Church as a once-bastion where your temple-sanctioned marriage had a higher rate of success than other religions or non-religious marriages. Checking out several large dating sites for LDS singles, I see that at least 85 percent of the single women in there are just CONSTANTLY angry and bitter about their single status. 90 percent of those women are divorced with kids and don't know why enough men are interested in them. Many of them harp on about how their ex-husbands were abusive, but knowing how many women fake a DV claim just to get maximum divorce benefits, it is impossible to know what their truth really is. And for the ones that could have been really abused, well, no one FORCED these women to marry those bad boys and their tough demeanor. They picked these guys out NOT for "till death do you part", but for the idea that they are marrying this guy for ETERNITY. A time of period that keeps going on for infinite and it never ends. It makes you think they'd be more careful and selective in choosing who to marry in this light, and that they'd prefer to spend a bit more time getting to know this guy, but most of these marriages were started in a matter of MONTHS after the first meeting, and more than a few were within a matter of WEEKS.

These women got married only because they wanted their ticket to eternity hole-punched, and they didn't particularly care WHO to, and now that they've paid the price for their mistakes and assumptions, they cry to the entire group about it and don't admit that it was THEIR fault. The men who dare to post "well, you should've been more careful, so you should be at fault in some way" get instantly hate-bashed by the woman's supporters, and more than one man has left the group just so they don't have to put up with this shit.

Many more women in these LDS singles groups, despite trying to show their bubbly side of themselves, and endless streams of selfies taken of themselves in a PUBLIC BATHROOM or actually BEHIND the wheel of a car while on the road, also take the time to promote feminism and other posts or pics that demean/insult men, pointing them out as "grown men-children" and bitching about how men can't commit. One woman proudly called herself "strong and independent, and doesn't need a man", but the very next day, a post was made by her crying about how lonely and sad she was because no man wants her.

"You just posted yesterday that you said you don't NEED a man." I posted.
Her response?
"I don't NEED a man, but I WANT one to take me to the temple so we can get married and have our eternal family."

"Well, men like to know that they are needed, and not that they are just optional in a woman's life," I posted back. "You said you are strong and independent and that you don't NEED a man, and yet, talking about how sad you are because you WANT a man really shows that you NEED one. Men are not belongings or playthings. They like to know that they are NEEDED."

She began bitching that "men are just like children and don't know what they need or want." This is a woman who is trying to look for a husband on this group, despite her "independence" and she is portraying ALL men in this light while trying to look for her own personal ATM and doesn't know why no man in that group wants her? I posted in reply that her personality seems to change with every post she makes, so it's obvious that SHE doesn't know what she needs or wants. The woman was clearly a psycho bitch, and she left the group rather than debate this, while 20 of her friends insulted me for "hating on women" and "being so cruel to someone who wants their soul mate."

Another bunch of LDS women would join the group, and within 2 or 3 days, they would post about how they're LEAVING THE GROUP because they can't find their "one true love" and "no one will talk to me." takes a lot more than a couple of posts or 2-3 days to find someone who is marriage-material. Several more women will constantly take selfies of themselves whenever they happen to walk into a different room of a different building, and they begin bitching about how no one likes them because their pathetic selfie gets only 2 or 3 likes when other guys are posting 100 likes of all "the hot, skinny trophy women", and how they're leaving the group.

LDS women were once considered better wife material because of the position of the Church leaders to defend and support traditional marriage, and the belief that getting married in a temple would make their marriage AUTOMATICALLY succeed without them having to work on it. When you hear their constant babbling bullshit gossip before and after church classes and the true nature of themselves in posts on singles groups, you really find out that they are no better than any woman of any other or no religion out there.

In fact, they are much WORSE because their sense of entitlement has skyrocketed to insane levels and demands of what they expect in a guy that they only want to know for 6-8 weeks before marrying them just so they can get a jump start on making babies and quitting their jobs so the man can be the sole breadwinner and they can defend their actions on not having an income by religious reasons.

This is the opinion of an LDS guy who would never again take a chance at even dating a woman in the same religion. Oh...and whether the woman is foreign or not makes NO difference whatsoever. If they have Internet access and a Facebook account, they can be bitches in eastern Europe or Asia or South America just as much as they are in the USA/Canada.
Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After marriage, the 'Y' becomes silent.

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