Laughing at the Jonses

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Laughing at the Jonses

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:57 am

This was written by Specter Den who has since taken his blog of the internet

As a single man who values freedom above all else, I admit to taking pleasure in watching poor married suckers toil to keep their wives temporarily satiated. I watch them push carts in warehouse clubs as their wives load them up with garbage nobody needs. Then I watch the poor beasts of burden unload their carts into their oversized SUVs which they unload into their oversized houses located in their overrated gated communities. It's idiots like this who planned their mortgages around every penny they earned and who were broken in half when interest rates went up. It's idiots like this who induced a fed bailout, trashing the value of the dollars of everyone disciplined enough to save them.

While competition is a distinctly male trait, financial illiteracy and material showmanship is all too often a female one. Once upon a time, married couples would move into apartments or townhouses until they were financially secure enough to secure a 20% down payment on a house that was worth no more than twice their combined salary. They used to drive sensible and reliable cars instead of chrome-laden off-road vehicles that would never see an unpaved road. The politically correct cause for these spending habits is the availability of cheap money.

The 800lb gorilla you won't hear discussed on the nightly news is the fact that American husbands no longer control their finances. Fiscal discipline passed down from father to son over many generations will never see the light of day. Yes, men still earn the bulk of the household income, but no longer have the control over it they once did. Thanks to the continually increasing leverage handed over to wives from the government, and the staggering severance pay (alimony), men have little choice but to comply with the most ridiculous expenses. Men have to decide whether to bite the bullet and divorce their spendthrift wives now, pay a significant sum along with a few years of severance, or convince themselves that one day she'll stop spending, she'll go back to work and if appeased, won't eventually file for divorce. Of course if she does file for divorce ten years down the road, the husband is on the hook for every penny she charged, owes half his assets and also owes a lifetime of severance pay. Game theorists should find this amusing, at least the single ones.

We're starting to see some interesting effects of an economy where women now control most of the money and do most of the consumer level borrowing and spending. To keep the gears of the ailing economy machine going, we've sold off crucial pieces of it. Now the gears are still spinning, but the machine doesn't do anything useful anymore. It will sit where it is and continue making a racket until the oil runs dry and the last bearings finally seize up. The collective effect of this competitive female spending is felt by everyone, but most of all by the men married to these women. A financial trade similar to getting married is shorting a stock. Limited gains are possible, but potential losses are astronomical. We as bachelors might feel helpless as the dollar plunges to new lows all the time while our paychecks stay the same, but remember that it's indebted married men who are truly in for a nasty surprise.

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Laughing at the Jonses

Post by Madsen » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:00 am

Speaking of the Joneses, have you seen the movie The Joneses with David Duchovny? It is interesting and fairly entertaining, kinda shows the down side to this 'materialism arms race' tendency.

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