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Comment from Child Man

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:47 pm

I received this comment from my blog.

Here is an excellent comment made by Anonymous 1:33 AM

I have writen this answer to the article. I guess it would not be published so I post it here.

I am a 37 y.o. Ms. Hymowitz is right.

Young men being happy and doing what they want (as the article admits)? Outrageous! Awful! Terrible! Immature! Intolerable!

Everybody knows that young men have to stop doing what they want and/or makes them happy and marry some woman. This way, even if they are not happy, a woman would be able to do what she wants and to be happy. And, as everybody knows, the happiness of a woman is far more important than that of a man.

As everybody knows, the men are the beasts of burden of this society. They are only mature when they give up their dreams to fulfill the dreams of a woman.

So maybe he doesn't want to marry and have kids (like the boys in this article) and he wants to live without stress. This is so awfully immature. To be a fully grown up man, he must do the following.

1. He must slave himself working 10 hours a day, to support a wife and kids he didn't really want, to buy a house in the suburbs he doesn't really need, and a SUV his wife nags him to buy. He must have a huge debt to buy everybody his wife wants.

2. He must bear with an ever-nagging, ever-whinning woman who is always dissatisfied if she doesn't get everything their way.

3. He must resign himself when sex dries up after some years of marriage and affection and kindness are a distant memory.

4. He must not complain when his wife decides that she is bored and divorces him. When he is stripped of all their assets and he loses their children (the children he didn't want before they were born but now they are the people he wants most in the world).

5. He must pay for years child support for children who he barely sees. In certain states, he must pay alimony for a woman who does not perform anything in return.

Only if he does all this HE IS A GROWN UP. Not collaborating in his own destruction makes a man very immature.

50% of marriages end up in divorce and 70% of divorces are initiated by women (who whine endlessly about fear of commitment but they are the ones who leave their commitment, when it is time to cash out). Because of that, there is a new generation of young men that have seen their elders being ass-raped in court and have realized the charade which marriage is. So they reject being destroyed and they live a stress-free existence.

Like me, who am single. I don't like reading Maxim and I don't like videogames. But I like to study as a hobby. Study is my great passion. I have a Ph. D, two masters and I speak four languages. And my life is full of peace, freedom and happiness. When a woman is interested in me, the first thing she wants is for me to quit study to work more and support her. Sorry, dear, it is not going to happen. You can leave if you want. Study has given me satisfactions that no woman has given me. Why should I change? To be destroyed by a woman?

Ladies, do you want men to marry? What about making marriage atractive to men? What about changing unfair laws and your attitude towards men?

But this would imply that you care about men and everybody knows that you only care about you. It is easier to whine, complain and shame men, telling they are "child-men". It is easier to blame other people instead of making a self-examination. Of course, women are always victims and the world owes to fulfill all their desires, whether they work to achieve them or not.

You can whine and whine but this will not change the tendency. You can delude yourselves thinking you have the high moral ground but you will remain single.

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