Bachelorhood is habit forming

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Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:40 am

Here is a good comment left by Egghead in Marky Mark's Blog.

I'm a bit older now. When I was younger, I would have agreed that finding "that special someone" was worth the hard work of looking. But, as I said, I'm a bit older now. My - ah -ardor has cooled off now, and I've become very comfortable in the life I've built for myself. Upsetting the apple cart by beginning a drama-filled relationship just doesn't sound all that appealing anymore.

I once read a novel where one character (a woman playing matchmaker) said to another (a younger woman), "I've noticed that bachelorhood is habit-forming." Whether the author of that novel realized it or not, there is a lot of truth in that statement. After having lived as a bachelor for a long time, I don't feel any strong need to rush out and start a new relationship. So, if women want men to commit to them, they had better get these men while they're young, because older gentlemen are a much harder fish to land. Unfortunately, young women these days seem to enjoy partying and being unencumbered, even though they plan to get married when they are "older."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the above is a recipe for disaster, now, does it?

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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by freeman » Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:57 am

It kills me with laughter to read profiles by 36 year-old cunts on POF and OkStupid that state they want kids "someday". Never mind that they'll soon hit menopause, if they haven't already.
These self-centered, entitled bitches just can't get over the fact that it's not about them anymore. The party's over, bitch, get over yourself.

As far as bachelorhood being habit-forming, you are dead right.
I just turned 44, and you couldn't drag me to the altar. I just like my life too much now. I have finely crafted it just the way I like it, and it's getting better all the time. A woman and kids have absolutely no place in my life-- they're not part of the equation.

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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by recluse » Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:53 am

The women never come to terms of their diminished SMV.
Recently a 62 yr old haggard bitch w/ double mastectomies is showing all the viperous signs of 'woman scorned." after I refused her advances.

My gosh,she has a son older than me,and one just about the same age,and a passel of grand kids.

Meanwhile,the guy next door,just about the same age as I,has porked her for about a year and she's thrown him off due to money status.
The stupid bastard thinks he's still 'in love' with her.
He was only used for awhile,he should come to terms with that.

I figure this is why women are loath to approach,the thought of rejection makes them (more) insane.

One must be very careful NOT to be the target of seduction,as the penalty for rejecting advances is only limited by the inherent evil of the bitch you scorned.

Which is not much at all.

The real limiting factor on scorned penalty is the social implications around her.
If it would make her look bad she will cease.
If it makes her look good your ass is going to jail and/or bankrupt/enslaved for 23 years,thanks to the jus-sis system.


Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by cossackman » Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:17 pm

I'm in my mid-20's. I know many people who got married in the "first wave" (age 21 / 22), as in actual marriage, engagement or cohabituation, and none of those men looked happy. Once you move in with a woman or marry her, your life is effectively over.

I barely have money for myself and I don't know how those couples do it. I feel like if I was in a relationship with a woman, my expenses for me alone would double (since I would be eating out more often ,buying gifts for people, buying stuff I don't arguably need, e.g., bottles of wine or chocolate).

Entertaining an age 18 to age 22 year old woman is easy (torrent a movie, popcorn and some chocolate). I don't think that stuff would fly with a 25 or a 28 year old woman, she probably expects to be taken out, tickets for plays, et cetera. . like chit, I had a woman once tell me to buy her $40 tickets to watch a Shakespear Play and I told her to f*ck off

I know some cousins who are stuck in lower incomes because they can't relocate for work, due to their wives and children. I have a cousin who has expressed interest in becoming a Heavy Duty Mechanic, but his wife would never tolerate him quitting work, taking the required classes, finding the apprenticeship and eventually relocating for the six figure income.

Even Tom Leykis, if I recall, said if he had stuck with his first marriage he wouldn't be a millionaire today, as his wife would had never tolerate him leaving to work in those small towns during his radio career.

I have my degree but I am looking to enter into a trade but in Canada, unless you enter into the Longshore Union or something, you have to relocate for the work. If I become an Electrician Journeymen or a Power Engineer, I could hypothetically make $200K a year in Northern Alberta. It's not the frigging frontier, they have a Wallmart and a Superstore in those Northern Albertan cities / towns and there are actual families there. . . but most Canadian women, I swear to lord, are adverse to Northern Alberta - convincing a woman who grew up in Vancouver, Calgary or St. John to live up North is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimoe.

Money isn't everything. I'm a very simple person with very simple needs, basic food and basic entertainment does the trick for me. I don't think this will ever change, because I have read what millionaires do in their past time and many of them do things we do for fun (like crack open a beer and watch a sports game). Yeah they do travel but technically speaking, if you're good at shopping for deals, international travel is easy for any bachelor as long as he makes decent coin.

even Tom Leykis says that, but having money does bring you security - like you never have to worry about meeting the bills on time, you can quit work if your boss is a cunt, et cetera.

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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by Grenade001 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:32 am

I don't know how couples do it either. My friends who are in LTR's talk about how they went out to dinner at this restaurant for $200 for the two of them for some 36 week anniversary thing, even at 21 y.o. I reckon that between dinner dates, buying different drinks because the girl doesn't drink beer and other misc. couples crap, they would spend about $150-$200/week, still living at their parent's place.

Some guys I know buy jewellery and Gucci bags for 6 month anniversaries and "just because". I know one guy at work who lets his booty call (They have only been an item for less than 3 months. I can't make this stuff up!) use his debit card because she burns through her cash like crazy. And the girl makes more money than him! That is about $150/week just on that.

People could say my carton of beer (or bottle of scotch, if I am feeling classy :D ) a week, Sunday drives and overseas travel is just or even more expensive yearly, but the money I spend is the money I make, and the money I spend is all spent on me!
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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by Carnivore » Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:45 am

Grenade001 wrote:I don't know how couples do it either.
Credit cards are their friend.
Testosterone and Y Chromosome enabled


Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by cossackman » Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:40 pm

Carnivore wrote:
Grenade001 wrote:I don't know how couples do it either.
Credit cards are their friend.
That explains a lot of people I know, who are in relationships. It's easy for a bachelor to manage his finances, but put two people together and there will always be debates over money or the two will talk each other into spending money lke it grows on trees.

No surprise those people, in 40 years, will probably have saved nothing for retirement.

There was Tom Parrone on the Tom Leykis show, age 77 and a retired vice president of Marketing for Oral B and they made him retire from Oral B at age 72 and you know how much he had saved for retirement? $110,000 and a paid off home. He now has to work two part time jobs, collect from social security and a small corporate pension, just to pay the bills. :?

The guy was technically making a six figure income for several decades and had nothing saved, nothing. I think he may have two children but feeding and educating two kids back in the 1960s to 1980s doesn't explain how that guy had almost zero money saved at age 72 (especially when he was making a good income his entire life).

Maybe he was divorced multiple times, I don't know - those details weren't shared with us. Maybe when he was working he constantly ate out and drink away his savings, took expensive vacations to Hawaii... who has a clue?

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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by spocksdisciple » Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:26 pm

There is Bachelorhood(the blue pill version) and then there is MGTOW Bachelorhood(red pill version). The former usually implies a man on a constant search for pussy and an LTR or marriage and the search for their "better half". The latter understands the essentially meaningless value of such things and lives his life in freedom and only for himself.

We all know that being a bachelor doesn't automatically mean being financially wise, I've seen bachelors in huge piles of debt because they're taking the PUA route or peacocking for women in general. These fools usually think that the $50,000 sports car they just leased or bought on a payment plan will grab the chicks in no time.
These are the very same fools who end up broke and deeply in debt no matter of they're married or still single.

An MGTOW bachelor on the other hand knows deep down that the first step to being truly free is to break the shackles of financial dependence, something society and the bankers are constantly attempting to thwart.
There is nothing more dangerous than a truly independent man, he is viewed with at best suspicion and at worse with fear, loathing and revulsion as he directly contradicts the herd mentality.

The best way to be a bachelor these days is very quietly, no matter where you live. As openly available financial resources continue to dwindle the haves will begin to stick out from the crowd of have nots. Women in wallet seeking mode can smell a 800+ FICO credit rating at a thousand yards. Parasites will always see out fresh hosts and true bachelors will be seen as valuable prey for their available resources.

I'm going to venture an opinion being a bachelor in today's feminazi driven society is going to become a much more risky proposition than it was in the past. As more and more slaves escape from the plantation the situation will become more desperate for the ones left behind, especially for the slavemasters.
It will become a much more risky situation to display open wealth, heck even owning your own car and apartment/condo will mark a bachelor for future take down.

I can see many financially desperate women trying to figure out ways of attempting their own wealth transfers through some sort of fraudulent scheme that we've all heard of (ie fake pregnancy, false DV claims etc etc).

Being a bachelor is the best freedom I've ever known but it comes with a high price, that of eternal vigilance against those who see us as a grave threat to the social order and will do whatever it takes to put us back into chains and back on the plantation again.
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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by analyzing » Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:44 pm

Agreed Spock. I know a few of these blue pill bachelors and they can't seem to shake the perpetual pussy chasing. I see it in their eyes, they are lost without a female living under their roof.
The women never come to terms of their diminished SMV.
so true, I see this everywhere...

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Re: Bachelorhood is habit forming

Post by bustinjustin » Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:58 am

nearly 49, never been married .support one family in Burma and another in Philippines.not a paedophile ,abuser, criminal or thief.generous to neighbours and friends, yet the social stigma when I have to turndown some loser chick is enormous. "whats wrong with you",isn't she good enough....
i'm not attractive,young or stupid, but if I get any more of this shit i'm gonna give an honest answer.
that fat ugly broke selfish bitch just cant compete with me living alone happily , drinking beers on my verandah or hobbies and friends.i'd rather have a wank than live with your shit . on my holidays I can go to asia and have great times with chicks half your age, and they can show greater passion than what you would for me before you cleaned me out.
especially in your young years it's seen as a market place.Fuck the market.turn to god, enjoy life and escape the deception.

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