Another day, Another Whore Story

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Another day, Another Whore Story

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:40 pm

After doing a little internet searching, I found a very whorific whore story which needs to get more exposure for men to read because this story hasn't received the attention it needs to get.

This story was posted by The Black Misogynist ... azing.html

A co-worker has been in the process of divorcing her husband for the past few months. Since you can't really avoid hearing the latest gossip without getting a referral from your friendly HR department(who knew brushing fellow employees off to focus on work was a bad thing?) I've had no choice but to know all about drama it is giving this woman. As somebody else I've told about this put it so well a few weeks back, " She almost makes you never want to marry doesn't it?"

Amen. You see, She is divorcing her husband not because he has been a bad husband or father but because she just doesn't want to be married to him anymore.

Yes. It seems that is all that is needed for a divorce nowadays. In fact, She never loved him to begin with he was just an easy way out and away from her parents when she was younger and he helped her though school. Now, Here is where the "amazing" part comes up. You would think everybody around her would see an issue with admitting that you married some guy out of convenience to yourself only.Well, Only a few did. Most just nodded their heads in approval and how she is "doing" the right thing.

Can't really disagree with that however. It is the "right" thing to do. Would have been even more of the "right" thing to do if she never married him in the first place. How is the institution of marriage not considered nothing more than a joke at this point? Only a few guys can hear her story and think "that is so completely wrong" nowadays? Don't know about anybody else but it sure shows me my place in the scheme of things. Me, As a man. Is only really here to be used and make life easier for some woman? Worse yet is that people get shocked at the fact that I think it is bullshit. That is where my "misogynist" tag comes from?

I haven't even got to the worse part of it all.

She doesn't want him to pay child support for the kid that was born while they were married. If you noticed the wording I used you won't need to know why but I'll answer anyway. She is scared that he would have ask for a paternity test.

Yes, She doesn't think the kid is his. There was a time where that would have gave you a big ol' "whore" stamp on your forehead. But I guess times are changing as somebody actually tried to convince her to go ahead and try for child support anyway! On the basis that he is another of a father he still should take care of his daughter. Another one chimed in that she should give him a guilt trip if he tries to get a DNA test. After all he should have trust in her if he wasn't some "asshole" jerk. That he should WANT to pay. Not only for the kid he thinks is his. But also for the one she had before they got married. Yea, she was a single teenage mother when he married her. Knew each other throughout high school. Got together their senior year. His parents helped her get though college even. Hell of a scam she ran on that poor guy and his family.

I would bet good money that I already know what kind of guy he was back then and might still be now. Your standard understanding "nice guy" who probably stood at the sidelines while she got banged by the thug who knocked her up and finally got his chance afterwards and was happy for it. The fate of guys who show they give a shit it seems.

Amazing is it not? However blatant it seems to be. It is still wrong to point at times like this and say "This shows what marriage is really about now" yet you will still be ignored by the masses.

Indeed, Pointing out crap like this is where my "misogynist" tag came from. That is amazing. For something to be so blatant yet still not be acknowledged?

And people wonder why I don't see any true reason to get married.

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