The Real Menace to Society.

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The Real Menace to Society.

Post by outcastsuperstar » Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:28 am

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Hello fellow bachelors,

I decided to take time out from building my Noah' Ark kit and my Race car hauler to type this thread because all the reading I have been doing on this forum has got me to thinking about something here. Here it is.

The real menace to society judging from the horror stories of men and the family court system and the women who victimized them has had me come to this conclusion, it is the women that are the real menace to society, or should I say, the heathen court system that backs them up and sides with them. It is not the men. When a woman can violate the rights of a man with impunity due to the court working in her favor and with these actions becoming increasingly frequent, men will (and have) turn away from dating and marriage. This in turn lowers the birthrates and society is less replenished. Also in divorce, since the woman often gets awarded custody of the children, the children have no father figure to help raise them to be better citizens of society, particularly the sons. The sons grow up to be PAMS which helps keep the matriarchial society alive or worse, he becomes a criminal. By raising the sons by a woman alone, he is essentially stripped of his manly duties in society and is also easy prey to victimization and the temptation of a life of crime.
When a man's role in society is taken from him and is handed over to women, men have lost their calling and purpose. They have lost all identity as men. I guess that's me also, so now I have decided to go my own way. And when a system sides with feminism as it now has, men think, "Why bother? What's the point?" And I can tell you what really started MGTOW and the
Ghost Nation, feminism. When a feministic society leaves a man with limited places in society, he is very likely, as a great number of men have already done, to join the Ghost Nation and go his own way. You wanted us out feminists, now we're out. Let's see how long your society lasts. We will be at a safe distance as we watch you fall. This should be quite a show! Grab a seat men, the show's almost ready to begin! :D


The Real Menace to Society.

Post by djc » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:44 pm

The popcorn is almost ready.

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