Lives of Single and Married Men

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Lives of Single and Married Men

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:57 pm

Here is a post by Systems1082 from the Don't Get Married Board.

I grew up with many friends, but a handful of us stayed single and quite close over the years. Here are the stories of the 5 of us that stayed single and 3 who married.

1. Roger took over his grandfather's humble supplies business and turned it into a very large success -- he's now worth $500 million at age 37

2. Johnny (Roger's best friend) married and divorced with one child. After losing the house, car, kid he was left with nothing. He now works *ghost* for Roger's company to make enough to live on after being raped in family court. He's 37

3. Charles stayed single and opened a used car dealership. Worked hard for many years and finally sold it to a luxury dealership. He's worth $10 million. He's 39

4. Andy, poor guy I have no idea where to start with him. He married the town 'whore' we all told him about her and what she'll do to his life. He stopped talking to all of us over it. He inherited $250,000 from his grandparents life insurance (1/2 the policy) at age 25. He went through hell. She spent most of the money on her habits (drugs, booze and other men) When the well went dry, she divorced him and took the house and what was left in the bank. She left him a debt of $73,000. He's broken to the point he tried to commit suicide. We plan on getting together in Dec and getting Andy back on his feet. He's 40.

5. Chucky was the quiet one of the bunch, but what he lacked in words, he made up in thoughts. He was overlooked by all the girls. He turned his ideas into money. He created a piece for a a power tool and the company paid him mega bucks for the idea. The company is Rigid Tool. He's 38 and worth $5 million.

6.Steve married and had a good life until cupcake got 'bored' Steve worked in a small machine shop that he owed. He worked hard to make the business grow, and it did thanks to the Persian Gulf War I. Once his skank of an ex-wife got a taste of money, she spent out of control to the point he couldn't keep up thus her 'boredom'. She not only took half the company she had nothing to do with before or during the marriage, she got the house, the cars, and left him with $145,000 in debt. He's a mess and won't pickup when any of us try to call. We'll knock at his door in Dec. He's 42

7. Ronnie dumped his high school girlfriend when she cheated on him and never looked back. He put himself through college, worked for a car manufacturer (think chevy) and finally went on his own selling part to (think chevy). He's worth $7 million and he's 39

8. Yours truly. I won't go into my details, but know I'm retired and under 40(next bday).

As you can see the pattern. Get married end up broke, stay single, work for yourself and end up with your sanity and money intact.

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Lives of Single and Married Men

Post by dsc » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:55 pm

Great post.

Very clear pattern, no?

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