How Do I Know That I'm Right

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How Do I Know That I'm Right

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:24 pm

This was posted by foreignwomenonly on HB1

How do I know that I'm right when I criticize Feminism/Misandry and the choices and behaviors of American/Western women?

If no other reason galvanized my certainty, simply observing how miserable American women are would be enough to convince me. If the vast majority of women were happy, maybe I would have to reluctantly accept that women have successfully pulled off the largest political coup in history, and that the political landscape has simply changed, but the vast majority of American women are miserable... Perhaps it's only us men who have traveled abroad and spent time with real women that realize how miserable American/Western women are (after observing the contrast in the majority foreign women who actually are happy/non-miserable).

Nearly 50 years ago, Misandrists/Feminists promised American/Western women that they would be happier following them than they were following men. Wealth among American/Western women has skyrocketed in the past 40 years. American/Western women have had every advantage, entitlement, and quota working in their favor in schools, universities, government, the justice system, and the workplace. So why do American/Western women act more like prostitutes now than ever before?

For nearly 50 years, the Misandrists/Feminists have told girls that every natural aptitude of women/femininity is oppressive and should be cast away. After nearly 50 years of relations between men and women in America being poisoned by Misandrists/Feminists, the only thing that most American/Western women/girls bring to the table now is sex appeal. Since, sex appeal is the only thing that most American women/girls bring to the table, they have to act like prostitutes. Ironically for then men who marry American/Western women, the sex is usually gone once she gets the ring. Since it's true that beauty fades, women will continue to become more competitive, narcissistic, and miserable in this herd mentality environment... always looking to shallow shows like Oprah, Tyra, Ellen, Rosie, Etcetera to try to figure out what is going on.

The "perma-scowl" is one of the most noticeable characteristics of American women observed by us men who have gone abroad, and enjoyed the company of real women. When American/Western women cast away their natural aptitudes and their femininity, they also cast away their sense of purpose and their self pride. Left with no sense of purpose, no self pride, and no sense of femininity, American/Western women pursued and continue to pursue fulfillment through medicating themselves with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, risky sex with bad-boy thugs, and excessive shopping.

American/Western women in their 20s have superficial happiness based on self medication through the gluttonous consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, risky sex with bad-boy thugs, and excessive shopping. Their are still millions of American/Western men who are still willing to vastly OVERPAY, financially, emotionally, support wise, freedom wise, for the gluttonous consumption of young American women. However, even young women are sporting the "perma-scowl" as their "happiness" is shallow and fleeting with each year that they age. As American/Western women age their stock plummets, as fewer and fewer men are willing to finance their gluttonous consumption. At around age 30, the outward miserableness of American/Western women starts to increase exponentially each year. By 40, even the women who don't get fat, are feeling the pressure. If they haven't snagged themselves a "wage slave" or a "captain save a ho", it's game over for these used up women.

Based on current marriage statistics (that people are not marrying), it seems that about 50% of men have realized that they can get the milk without buying the cow. They have broken, a small part, out of the fem-matrix. The Misandrists/Feminists had a 40 year head start in the war against men before the underground revolution called MGTOW/MRA became a force in exposing the fem-matrix. Still most men don't realize that war has been declared on them. American women have had an unchecked 40 year reign of terror, gluttonously grabbing power, and entitlements while shirking 100% of the responsibilities that should rightfully come with that power. Yet, they continue to become more miserable each day.


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