Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by garvan » Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:45 pm

Before the modern age we lived in a time where resources were tough to come by, work needed muscle, and the threat of death by ANYTHING was large, people banded together for their own mutual survival.

Marriage was one of the ways that humans banded together.

Marriage wasn't perfect, but it enabled a man and a woman to maximize their survival potential. This wasn't a time where the big problems were coming home fifteen minutes late and missing your favourite show. Hell this wasn't even a time where because dinner wasn't made you might go hungry for a day. This was a time where at any moment you could die, a wild animal, an unknown disease, drought, a falling rock, or even another human. Life was not something taken for granted.

Marriage wasn't happiness. Marriage was survival. Marriage was optimal in many ways. Marriage provided ways of passing wealth down biological lineage, support, and created new members in a society or tribe in a time where there were much less human beings.

Technology changed everything.

Those of us in the western world no longer have worry about our daily bread. We no longer need someone to wash our clothes. We no longer need protection from many of the problems of the past. While many of us work longer hours than many of our ancestors, we no longer need to work to survive.

Homeless people don't starve en masse, I can't say it's the healthiest living, but it's a hell of a lot better than living through some of the periods in which ANY food would have been a blessing. I myself know many homeless men and women who manage to get by through pan handling, soup kitchens, and charity work. What can I say, I get along quite well with street urchin.

This is of course not even taking into account the mass of people on welfare or disability.

We no longer live in a world where we need interpersonal relationships for physical survival. Marriage was no longer needed for daily survival.

Marriage, which once required for survival had become outdated. I can't necessarily place when our technology had made our co-dependence unnecessary, however it most likely happened without us truly realizing it. The change wouldn't have even been noticeable to most... it would have simply manifested itself as more free time to be spent how an individual wished.

People however were quite stuck in their ways and traditions. Marriage was still looked upon as an ideal to live to, even as more and more technology was given to the masses to free up more of their time.

We even got to a point where as humans, we had so MUCH free time we didn't know how to spend it all. Television, video games, and all sorts of other media came out to entertain us as now BOREDOM became a larger worry than being killed.

In truth, marriage isn't natural. It was survival optimization. Humans are masters of bending nature to suit our own survival.

In previous eras, hunting was the optimal way of getting food. If you were hungry, you'd better make damn sure you caught something, even a squirrel... even if it took hours.

If you went out in today's world with a sharp stick and spent eight hours to kill some squirrels for a bit of nibbling, not only would people think you're weird, you'd probably think yourself as an idiot since you could've easily spent those eight hours working to get some food at the store, and still have tons left over.

We're now in the age where marriage is as optimal as hunting squirrels with a stick.

For women, survival really ISN'T dependant on a man. Though most women would much rather have a man give them stuff, women recognize they're not going to die from not having a man around.

Most women truly weren't meant for marriage, and that's fine. It wasn't their nature, as many studies have shown. Their nature in regards to men was hypergamous. But starvation, death and rape fears, not being able to raise their children due to lack of support... those sorts of things can make a woman repress her nature. Under the threat of death, a person will do many things that go against their nature. Mind you, a lot of the reason a woman is even able to do what she does now is because of the government's laws giving her tons of advantage and support by taking it from hard working men... but now a woman doesn't need any particular man as long as the masses subsidise her. Women only worked at making marriage work when they knew they'd be dead without it.

Now that marriage isn't needed for survival, women can finally indulge in their true nature, and have been doing so by riding the cock carousel like we see now.

Men on the other hand are only adapting now.

A man is no longer are NEEDED to support any one woman. Any additional support that a man gives is taken for granted as really, she doesn't have any immediate fears of being killed. However, men are still stuck in the same mating strategy of using support and their ability to provide to get women through marriage. It's a strategy that may have worked when women were actually afraid of dying without a man... but the threat of death is no longer imminent enough to make a provider desirable.

Now it's our turn to fucking realize, marriage is an outdated sub-optimal mating strategy, especially when women are more worried about being bored than being killed. As even common men, we've certainly got options (more so than ANY TIME in history), the question is what one will make you happy?

Game allows us to mate through giving women what they emotionally want. Mastery allows all access to a plethora of women.

Prostitution and escorts allow us to trade money (which some of us have in abundance) and trade it for an even greater plethora of women, minus the bitching and effort game requires.

Then for those who refuse to adapt and find happiness in this new system there are some countries which are still far enough behind where marriage is an optimal survival strategy. You can always find companionship there.

There's the ghost option. Some people work best alone, and some of the greatest minds of our civilization never married or had sex.

Some others still have taken the virtual route, like in Japan with love pillows and dating sims, or in North America with real dolls. In next 50 years, the perfect robot companion may be waiting at home to serve you dutifully and make you happy.

Yeah, maybe civilization is crumbling. Maybe we're reaching a new level. I'm not certain where the future is going... all I know is that I WANT TO MAKE ME HAPPY. Now, that marriage doesn't make life easier, and women don't NEED it, I don't have to worry about anyone else but myself.

I can choose to live my life in my own choosing, and have little worries of death the same way my ancestors did, and that's an awesome thing.

Now, are you going to hunt fucking squirrels with a goddamn stick caveman, or are you going to use the ability of adaptation like your ancestors before you had use to survive, and figure out what works for this time period for the survival of your own happiness?

The way is yours to choose.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by dsc » Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:10 pm

Another great post today, garvan, and another +1 from me..

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by outcastsuperstar » Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:52 pm

Great Post +1! This thread will have to get moved to the Best of Happy Bachelors within a week.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by superbad » Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:07 pm

+1 . i wrote the Red Pill to wake up men. it is a great time to be a man, if the man can get past his programming. i've dated some fantastic young girls. today they're fat, married, in-debt moms. gee, what a f**king surprise. men must forget about marriage. she is NOT different. she's a con artist with boobies. i've had girls cry buckets and say they'd die without me. and who can resist crying boobies? me. real feminists would abolish marriage. but, deep down, the ugly asshats know that most women are indolent children.


Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by loser » Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:26 pm


I HATE to look like a power tool, but here it is.


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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by nemo » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:26 pm

The average age of death for men in the USA in 1900 was 45.

It was uncommon for both man and wife to live to age 50 back then.

"Til death do you part" usually was about a 20 to 25 year commitment for a 21 year old spouse. If a young woman married an older man, which was more common back then, it was often a shorter time until he died.

Many men escaped the ordeal of suffering a post-menopausal wife because either he or she died before she hit age 45.

The simple fact that men and women live longer now makes it more likely that the groom will eventually lose his sex drive and the bride will lose her sexual attractiveness but the two will still be married.

Marriage makes some sort of sense if your society needs to get young people paired off and reproducing by age 25 to ensure the survival of the species. The problems with marriage today stem in part from the fact that people survive the reproductive years of their lives and are still expected to stay married for four or more decades (ages 40-80, on average).

Add in the fact that family law today is far harsher to ex-husbands than it was back then, and marriage looks like a much, much worse long-term arrangement for men than it was in the past.


Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by elric » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:03 am

Another great post as we all adapt to go each one's own way. +1

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by superbad » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:44 am

a woman's worth is derived from her looks. by 25-30 only 20% of gals are sexy. girls are just figuring out life when their p-ssy power ends. the ones who had a kid with an idiot are screwed. no husband, no career, no money... and a kid to feed. most manginas, PUA, and thugs don't have or won't spend a nickel on them. if they marry, they'll be unhappy. they were programmed to fail. even if they screw a guy in a divorce and get $50k, they'll blow that in a year. most women are staring at 55 years of being ugly and broke, in a world that values beauty and money. nice job, Dworkin. they have the rest of their life to cry over their faded looks, the condom breaking, the career that never materialized, the "nice guy" husband who's never coming back, and that elusive Prince Charming. i can almost hear the world's saddest song playing on the world's smallest violin. oops, my bad, it was a fart.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by Kestral2 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:22 am

+1 for a great post that breaks things down to the reality of the way things truly are, and does so in a positive and empowering way.

This could be a Menaissance if we choose it.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by garvan » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:15 am

Wow, thanks for the responses.

I had wrote this up mostly because after my last post, something just clicked in my head and the realization came to me.


Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by rebel » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:05 am

In reality, marriage was "invented" at the end of the 12th century in order to :

1-Ensure each man had access to a woman's ass.
2-Domesticate men and make them productive so they would pay more income tax. (by the way, feminism was "invented" for exactly the same reasons)

Marriage is servitude to:

1-The state

Marriage deprives men of their most valued treasure: they freedom and their very lives.

Marriage is a rip off for men and a windfall for the gobmin and women.

Both feed on your blood. And you wonder why women love vampire movies...

Aren't women today's vampires? Look: they suck your life, your blood, your money, your assets and what do you get in return? A stinky hole that you can buy anywhere for $100 max. (only until they got you firmly by the balls, then, forget about sex)

Does anyone really want to return to the dark ages of marriage?

Does the bird want to come back into his cage?

Are you kidding me?


Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by extraycrom » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:42 pm

To me marriage is like a lottery in which only one out of one-thousand wins.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by sjenner » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:56 pm

+1 guys- marriage now is an obsolete and useless thing. Not to mention of zero benefit to a man. It is best avoided in western countries with the risky laws and financial peril to a man.

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Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by Madsen » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:49 am

It would be interesting to pinpoint when the technological shift occurred ... much like the cotton gin is usually credited with making slavery obsolete, it would be neat to identify a specific turning point for marriage going from necessary to mere tradition.

garvan I think this post could be expanded into a full article, there is a lot of potential here. Analyzing the downfall of marriage from a technological perspective is quite unique

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Re: Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Post by inplainsight » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:31 pm

Great post man.

IMHO, the state, roughly defined, is simply a system of force/coercion.

Marriage therefore, is the potential application of force/coercion into a relationship involving two parties.

Now women, broadly speaking, are physically weaker than males. To get what they want, they usually do so by utilizing other means/proxies. We see this everywhere in human relations. Men chauffeuring women around in expensive cars etc. Why, just the other day I went to the grocery store 9 times in a single day to help out my step mother. With my car and my fuel and my time. Her car is faster and stronger than mine. she has waaaayyy more time on her hands than I do. And yet...

Moving on, marriage sounds romantic, but like everything in life, surface appearances can be deceptive.

Marriage really just boils down to a woman applying force (by proxy) on her hypnotized victim (i.e. husband). This is not unlike the way a snake will hypnotize its prey, embrace it with its torso and crush it bones only to finally swallowing it and then defecating what is not needed.

Please think about this carefully: Is it really any wonder women are always so very eager to get married?

The reason humans and, indeed all creatures, exploit, steal etc is not because they are evil. It is simply because to acquire the object the looted by work would involve labor and all creature are naturally averse to work/pain/labor. Certain birds will put their own eggs in the nest of another bird and kick the other bird's own eggs to the ground thereby enjoying the benefits without enduring the labor/pain of providing for its own eggs.

Marriage, i.e. force by proxy is perfectly logical for women. Imagine becoming entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars simply because the person you are sexually involved with signed a piece of paper.
How paradoxical that woman, herself incapable of love, should attract the love of man.

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