Women's Liberation Movement

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Women's Liberation Movement

Post by outcastsuperstar » Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:36 am

Here is a gem posted by thegrandcurmudgeon on the Don't Get Married Board.

I've maintained all along that "feminism", or "wimmins's liberation" would end up liberating men far more than it would women. MarkyMark and anarchiste pinpoint why this is so.

Back in 1970 Norman Mailer wrote a book called "Prisoner of Sex" in which he dealt with (in his customary oblique way) the many kinds of power women had over men. He started off by confessing the "firmest of male prejudices - that women had the better half of the deal already."

Through their biological capability to produce children and the caretaking role which naturally arose from that, women were able to demand that men do everything else and hand over the fruits of their labors to women. Men simply had to do the hard and dangerous jobs, and become as successful as they could, because otherwise they had no social identity - they were non-entities.

Men were kept imprisoned in the workforce by a universal system of social pressures mostly designed and enforced by women - even if they often did so indirectly using men as their agents.

Typically of women, however, the grass looked greener on the men's side of the fence. From their characteristic totally self-centered perspective women did not see what the long hours and high stress and dangerous jobs looked like from the men's perspective - they only saw the end results (the nice paychecks) and how those job demands occupied men's attention preventing the women from being able to bask in it.

There is a wonderful old story about P.T. Barnum. One of his shows was so successful that the crowds were dangerously large - people were in actual danger of getting trampled. He passed to the word to the barkers to start shouting "This way to see the Great Egress!!!" and pointing to the gates. People found themselves on the outside and realized too late that "egress" means "exit."

This is what has happened to women - they flocked in droves out of the institution of marriage and are suddenly finding themselves on the outside and locked out of it.

Of course "wimmins have only made 75 cents for every $ a man makes" - traditionally they have worked only 32 hours for a man's 40 hours. When you only work 75% as hard, or as long, you must expect to only be paid 75% as much.

But, by playing on women's anger and sense of outrage, the social reformers convinced women that their former position of privilege and leisure was actually "oppression." And, they bred in women a deep resentment toward men which manifests itself as a need for revenge - by usurping men's former prison cells and pushing the men out.

Unlike at least one of the posters here, I do not feel the tiniest bit "sorry" for women because they have pig-headedly pushed this agenda for the past 5 decades. Any attempt to bring common sense into the discussion has been absolutely stonewalled, and as women's frustration with their circumstances has risen so has their generalized hostility toward men.

I've rounded the corner and am in the final decade counting down to retirement. I have a great low-stress job which pays well enough to take care of my needs and save a tidy nest-egg toward my retirement. The situations of men and women my age have completely reversed from my younger years - the women generally look like 9 miles of bad road and are the ones desperate for sex and attention. Now it is women harassing the shit out of me for sex, and most of them are so disgusting that all the Viagra in the world couldn't make me interested in them.

Back in 1975 my roomate got fired from his job as a computer programmer trainee for a stupid stunt. When his boss called him in to fire him, he said "If you were a married man with a wife and children to support, we would give you another chance. But, you're not, so hit the road."

Everything about the culture was designed to force a man into the protector/provider role and keep him trapped there. Women saw only their own restrictions within that social system and set out to destroy it - under the mistaken assumption that men were completely free and chose their old roles only because they wanted to because they were so much fun, and that men would continue to do so regardless of how difficult women made it, again because they assumed it was so much fun. .

Well, now women have seen "The Great Egress" and are finding themselves on the outside and locked out. They wanted to invade men's prison cells of the workplace and push men out, and men were smart enough to let them and then lock the door behind them effectively trapping women in men's old prison of their traditional roles.

And, this is where the most fundamental lie of femimism is turning out to be a real "gotcha" for a lot of women. The desire to have offspring (children) was not something forced on women by men, but something very innate - rooted in women's biology. No matter what changes in social systems have been accomplished, you just can't fool with mother nature.

But, now that men have been freed from the prison of their previous social roles (as feminism promised it would) women are finding men who are both willing to support them in motherhood and financially successful enough to do so, are in very short supply. The need to have children is so strong that a great many women are making the decision to do it all alone - when they start running out of time and realize that no man with resources wants them.

I believe that "single mothers by choice" are probably the stupidest group of people on the planet. The constant whining of women for the past 5 decades has pumped the well of compassion for women quite dry, and these women are out and out demanding the right to make their own lives as stressful and miserable as can be.

Have fun, grrls.

For me - I am constantly reminded of the tremendous truth of an old saying -
"A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!!"

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Women's Liberation Movement

Post by sarcasticus » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:40 am

Excellent find. This is "best of" stuff.

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Women's Liberation Movement

Post by superbad » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:33 pm


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Women's Liberation Movement

Post by rowingdude » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:31 am

Feminism is a bunch of women using men's ideas and twisting them to suit their needs. If you have ever read that cluster-fuck of bullshit aka The Second Sex, you know what I mean. Sections were required reading in my philosophy class, which was lead by a woman. She even admitted that Feminism was a horrible idea as it would lead to not only a global birth rate collapse but possibly a collapse of organized civilization itself.

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