The Story of Andy

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The Story of Andy

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:24 pm

Author: Specter Den

A friend of mine, named Andy, who considers my views on women to be insane has admitted that I was right.

Let's go back a few months...

Andy had been living with a girl he met since high school. They seemed like the perfect couple, up until they both graduated from college, then everything slowly fell apart. First she began to express interest in persuing a master's degree across the country. Instead of questioning her dedication to him, he offered to follow. In case he missed that red flag, she quickly threw up another: She told him "I think we should take a break." He was distraught for a bit, but managed to convince himself that she was just temporarily crazy. He thought everything was under control and just great.

He moved across the country with her, leaving his stable job, apartment, family and friends so that his girlfriend could persue an advanced degree she'd probably never use. I knew he was headed for disaster, but I tried to be the good friend and stay quiet until he found out for himself, and find out he did. He called me to let me know that his girlfriend of nearly six years had cheated on him and waited two months to tell him. Naturally he was very upset and is on his way back across the country. He'll have to piece his life back together bit by bit.

He always wrote off my mistrust for women as being a poor judge of character. He found out what he thought for so many years was a diamond in the rough, was just another lump of coal. Now he has very good reason to question his own judgment. What I learned and what he is still learning is that no matter how "open" or "honest" a relationship is, the woman is still her own person with her own secrets and desires. There is never such a thing as 100% honesty in a relationship. If every involved person could read their partner's thoughts, there are very few relationships that wouldn't blow themselves apart.

Also, he learned a lesson about trust. His girlfriend always whined to him about not being trusting enough when she'd go out to clubs alone. Predictably, he relented and eased up on her leash. When a man finds out the hard way that this leash is too long, it's too late and he must let it go. Only a fool thinks he can pull it in after this point. Trust, but only where you can verify. A lot can be learned from watching a woman who doesn't know she's being watched.

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