"My thoughts on the 'man child' thing"

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"My thoughts on the 'man child' thing"

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:56 pm

Here is a great post by dhurka from the Don't Get Married Board.

I've been thinking about this concept, I am right in the target demographic - 31. Here is what i came up with:

By the time a guy is in his 30's hes been around. If he has any brains hes stopped to talk to his fellow travellers now and then. By this age he has met several men who f'd over by divorce. in my own case

A truck driver who was paying cs for 2 kids 16 and 17. One had a job and payed board. The other one was working in the mines earning more than his old man, and living away from home of course. The mother earned more than the truckie and her new husband was earning heaps more. by the way the truckie was homeless and living in his truck. He explained to me how he used to 'explode with rage' every time he drove to his exes half million dollar plus house.

A 62 year old man who got a 15% settlement when his life went. He explained how he had given up on the house and was just hoping to get half of his retirement savings. Because she sacraficed her career (non existant) to raise his kids he has to sacrafice eating human grade food in retirement.

A young guy I met camping who hadn't seen his kids in years that could only afford a tarp not a tent when camping due to CS. His pain really touched me.

Not to mention my old man whose whole life has been hard work from start to finish. A box of beer lasts this man a year. He only started being the benificiary of his labour after about 45 due to 2 divorces.

Its got nothing to do with a preference for video games or beer. Honestly most people would put up with womens bs if there was a fair deal in divorce. Its just that by 30 a guy has met the victims. The smarter end of the spectrum make decisions on this experience and choose not to marry.

To bad, so sad, I'm not eating dog food when I'm old. C'ya ladies.

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