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A Big Thanks to Happy Bachelors Forum

Post by outcastsuperstar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:20 pm

This is a testimony from onezero4u from HB1

greetings all

ive been here about a week or so & am just about done catching up on all the old threads!! And yes i have a full time job...:) I just couldnt get enough of the refreshing male-centric anti fembot angle on all topics, something entirely lacking in western media, life and culture

I want to say thanks that the truths and revelations here have confirmed my desire to remain a permanent bachelor.

Even as a youth, i was adverse to marriage (even pre-first puppy love heart break) and honestly I had little desire to be a father and less than zero to be husband.

nonetheless as 40 was approaching, i was rehashing old memories of the "i might want to marry right b4 my fourth decade" to avoid a life of loneliness, fulfill societal expectations etc

well, Coming her has opened my EYES WIDE! I knew divorce was a gang rape ass party on fathers in court and woman get way to much alimony & CS etc, but i had no idea the treachery and deceit coming from wifes, police, lawyers, fembots and their support groups-lobbiest. HOLY SHIT i was dumbfounded. Once i started getting my head around the divorce stats and the billions of dollars of revenue it generates, i know longer wondered why divorce law gives woman 99% of license to destroy her EX.

as a man who appreciates honesty, truthfulness and commitment i admit i was extremely unprepared for the depths these AW troll to bait or extort $, I never had high blood pressure issues til i started reading some of the divorce stories here.

A few years ago, in my naivety, i pondered the idea of eventually marrying a divorced mom with 1-2 kids. Altho, i knew i would have some boundary issues with the kids discipline as far as hands off & just take their shit etc, my rational was that I would hopefully get a wife that was more mature and had the fairy tale romantic horseshit marriage fantasy conveniently removed by her first husband & now i could enjoy a more sensible woman with realistic expectations.

THANK GOD for this site. I avoided a possible future disaster!

Many thanks to happy bachelors!!!!

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